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2 March 2004 [Hewlett-Packard United States.] [Hewlett-Packard - Invent.] (Start of form 1.)search in:[Not Pressed.]HP[Not Pressed.]Compaq[Pressed.]Both [Text.] [Search: Image Button] (End of form 1.) [Hewlett-Packard and Compaq. New power of invention. Merger information..] [Hot Spots: HP’s Solution for a Mobile World] [solutions for.] Home & home office Business Government, education and healthcare Partners & developers More solutions [products and services.] [drivers.] [support.] [how to buy.] Browse HP and Compaq PCs, printers, servers, workstations, handhelds, storage and more. Download drivers and other software for HP and Compaq products. Get technical support and other help for your HP and Compaq products. [End of skip support description.] Buy direct, or locate HP and Compaq retailers and resellers near you. (Start of form 2.) select a country or region: (Start of select menu with 69 items.) (End of select menu.)[Go] (End of form 2.) news: - HP Launches Cash Back Lease Promotion - HPshopping.com Announces Academic Purchase Program - HP Board of Directors Announces Retirement Benefits for U.S. Employees - HP Business PC Speaker Power Adapter safety recall - HP Deskjet and Photosmart consumer safety recall - Compaq Notebook AC Adapter replacement program Company information|Jobs at HP |Contact us|Newsroom privacy statement|terms and conditions © 1994-2002 Hewlett-Packard Company

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