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[NARA.] (Start of form 1.) (Start of form 2.) [Attention users of screen reader software. There are 2 possible starting points on the NARA Home Page, please select where you want to start using this page from the following choices:.][Start at the NARA Website Quick-links: The NARA Website Quick-linksare a collection of some of the most frequently accessed areas in the NARA Website..][Skip the NARA Website Quick-links and start from the main navigation choices: The Main Navigation choices provide access to the main topic areas in the NARA Website..][The NARA Website quick-links below provide a way to immediately navigate to frequently accessed areas of NARA's Website..][Where is Hot Topics / What's New.][Where is The Constitution.][Where is The Declaration of Independence.][Where is The Bill of Rights.][Where is Genealogy.][Where is Veterans' Service Records.][Where is Archival Research Catalog (ARC).][Where is Access to Archival Databases (AAD).][Where is eVetRecs.][Where is Electronic Records Archives (ERA).][Where is Archives Library Info. Center (ALIC).][Where is Calendar of Events.][Where is FAQs.][Where is FOIA Reading Room.][Where is Information Security Oversight Office.][Where is Interagency Working Group (IWG).][Where is Locations and Hours (Facilities).][Where is Media Desk.][Where is Organization Chart.][Where is Preservation.][Where is Prologue Magazine.][Where is Publications.][How do I Use this Site.][How do I Order Copies.][How do I Contact NARA.][How do I Visit NARA.][How do I Apply for a Job.][How do I Volunteer at NARA.][How do I Research Online.][How do I Find a Public Law.][How do I Apply for a Grant.][How do I Find Records Management Training.][Attention users of screen reader software. The NARA Website quick-links above are repeated verbatim in a HTML form below. The form below is designed for traditional web browsers. Select this link to skip past the form..] (Start of select menu with 37 items.) Where Is...? / How Do I...?[Selected.] (End of select menu.) (End of form 1.) [Welcome.] [Welcome to our redesigned web site! Please let us know what you think..] [About Us.] [Learn about our mission and how we provide ready access to essential evidence..] [Research Room.] [Use our online catalog and nation-wide facilities to research records and historical materials..] [Records Management.] [Find guidance, training, and news on our current records management initiatives..] [Records Center Program.] [Discover why we are the records center provider of choice to the Federal Government..] [Federal Register.] [Read the Federal Register online, and find Federal regulations, public laws, and Presidential documents..] [NHPRC and Other Grants.] [Learn about grants for archives, electronic records and documentary editing projects, and fellowships..] [Exhibit Hall.] [See the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights and other popular exhibits..] [Digital Classroom.] [Discover document-based lesson plans, student research activities, professional development opportunities, and more..] [Records of Congress.] [Find information about the historical records of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives..] [Presidential Libraries.] [Visit our Presidential libraries and museums online..] [Search.] [Search our web site..] [Site Index.] [Browse an alphabetical listing of contents..] [Photograph taken inside the Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom at the National Archives Building in Washington DC.] [The Charters of Freedom Have Returned! The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights are back on display! See the New Exhibit!.] [The ties that bind the lives of our people in one indissoluble union are perpetuated in the archives of our government. This quote appears on the exterior of the National Archives building. Paraphrased by the architect John Russell Pope from a speech by President Hoover, February 1933.] [The National Archives Experience.] [Our Documents - A National Initiative on American history, civics, and service.] [Support the National Archives.] [FirstGov: Your First Click to the US Government.] [Contact NARA.][Accessibility.][Freedom of Information Act.][Privacy and Use.]

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