Web Accessibility, the book, now available in Japanese (Posted November 3, 2007)

Order in Japanese from Amazon

The new book on web accessibility, well new last year, the only web accessibility book rated 5 starson Amazon.com, Web Accessibility - Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance by Jim Thatcher, Michael R. Burks, Christian Heilmann, Shawn Lawton Henry, Andrew Kirkpatrick, Patrick H. Lauke, Bruce Lawson, Bob Regan, Richard Rutter, Mark Urban, and Cynthia Waddell, is now available in Japanese. And you can order Webアクセシビリティ ~標準準拠でアクセシブルなサイトを構築/管理するための考え方と実践 from Amazon.com.jp now. Thank you Masahiro Umegaki and Takayuki Watanabe, thank you very much.



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